Right to Occupy

It is the policy of the organisation that all residents applying for independent living unit accommodation (be it rental or ‘Equity’) are to be aged or disabled and at least semi-retired and require supportive accommodation facilities.

There are currently 25 units for purchasing the “Right To Occupy”(RTO): providing independent living styles for either single or double occupancy. A range of unit combinations are available and provide self-contained accommodation comprising bedroom(s), lounge, kitchenette, shower / toilet & laundry.

All units are formally valuated (as per size & facilities) with floor plans & prices available on application.

A ‘Right To Occupy’ (RTO) unit incurs a retention fee of 25% of the entry value paid over a 3 year period:, calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Units are presented for entry in a refurbished condition with the expectation that any further upgrading/replacement will only occur following PRIOR APPROVAL in writing from Longridge management (EO/DoC) or Business Manager and at the cost of the unit ‘occupier’.

A weekly maintenance fee applies: prices on application. The maintenance fee maintains the building (exteriors and interiors), council rates, water rates, sewage rates, insurance on building and Longridge equipment and fittings and all common grounds and facilities.  (Private garden areas are the responsibility of the ‘owner’).