Residential Aged Care Facility

It is the policy of the organisation (in accordance with the Principles of The Aged Care Act 1997) that all residents be allocated permanent placement (& ‘Security of Tenure’) at Longridge if their needs & care can be safely accommodated with the ‘Ageing In Place’ hostel environment.

There are 50 permanent resident placements in the hostel. All rooms are single and have private en-suite facilities.  All meals are provided and 24-hour supportive care provided. Longridge supplies the bed & residents are encouraged to furnish their own rooms so that the room feels homely and to their taste.

Longridge proudly provides care throughout the ageing process & where possible is keen to offer Palliative Care services to support residents to remain ‘in their own homes.’ However, should a resident’s care needs extend to risk their safety or the safety of staff or other residents it may be necessary to consider transfer to another facility (e.g; Moreton Bay House.)  All transfers would be negotiated consultatively between Longridge, the GP, with the resident and/or their relative or carer and in accordance with the Aged Care Act and Security of Tenure.

Longridge boasts excellence in their Lifestyle Program – supporting residents to lead active and valued lives within the limitations of their ageing.

All residents entering care are required to have a current ACAT: specifying approval for permanent residential care. A copy of the current ACAT must be forwarded to the CNM (Clinical Nurse Manager) prior to approval for entry. Placement will be negotiated with the CNM & priority will be given according to resident / carer need. (Residents of the Independent Living Units will be given some priority by their prior placement within the Longridge organisation.)

All daily fees and charges are set by the Department of Human Services.   All residents are required to complete an independent Asset Assessment with Centrelink or DVA PRIOR TO ENTRY INTO CARE. Longridge is then formally advised of any additional charges from Department of Human Services.