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Weekly Planners

Longridge is committed to supporting residents to maintain an active and valued life, with ‘fun and social interactions’ a key goal in our planning. The individual interests and capabilities of residents are a major driver in the range of program choices which are offered Monday – Friday.

Residents are given a weekly planner each week (commencing Monday) with regular activities e.g. bowls, bingo, music, painting, pets, bus outings, singalong, concerts and Happy Hour. These planners are also emailed weekly to family and friends upon request to ensure they too can attend if they wish – or at least use the planners to encourage residents to go along.

Most weeks we have guest visits, in some capacity e.g. travel talks, magicians, many and varied musicians and singers, school visits and pet visits. We also have specific men’s group activities to cater for a higher number of men residing within the hostel.

Annually, the program observes all significant Cultural celebrations/events held in Australia, i.e. Anzac Day, Easter, an extensive range of Christmas events, Mother’s Day and Melbourne Cup. These events are celebrated with much fanfare (and of course good food) offering residents exciting events to attend and memories to share long after the day has past.

Upcoming Events

 For more information, please phone our office on 08) 8762 1340.

Information for our Visitors

SA Health 

Longridge is receiving regular updates and contact with SA Health, Dept Health & Ageing, The Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission, our industry bodies (ACSA & ACCPA) to ensure we are across the latest information and planning for the challenges the 2023 Influenza season & the COVID-19 crisis will present.

For more information on entry into Longridge, please phone our office on 08) 8762 1340.


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