The Management Team

Longridge is governed by a volunteer board and assigns the day to day management and operations of the facility services, financial systems and staffing to the senior management team.

The team work closely with the department managers to ensure Longridge remains highly regarded within the community and the aged care sector.

Supporting the senior team and at the heart of Longridge are our department managers.  Senior and department managers work collaboratively and enjoy a hands-on approach to ensure management and systems are aligned in a common goal to go the extra mile making the difference in our residents and their families’ lives.

Our Department Managers are focused on a ‘mentorship’ ethos – sharing their wealth of experience to work closely within the team to build skills, knowledge and confidence at all levels and in all facets of their work.  All the management team are keen to build relationships with our residents, their families and friends.  We are acutely aware of the ‘precious cargo’ we are carrying and invite regular contact with you all to ensure care and services meet the residents needs to expectations as they journey through the ageing process.

Ravi Aulukh


Emmanuel Geri

Emmanuel Geri

Clinical Nurse Manager

Robyn Mencel

Robyn Mencel

Finance Manager

Department Lead Roles

Supporting the senior team and at the heart of Longridge are our department leads. The team work directly with the junior ancillary teams and with our residents. The department leads help play a key role within Longridge, ensuring our residents are happy and feel right at home.

Our junior teams are supported and mentored by our department leads. With a wealth of experience, the team work closely with our residents as well as providing hands-on training and personal development enabling the junior team to grow and help ensure the Longridge reputation will carry on for many more years.

Deidre Williams

Deidre Williams

Resident Services Manager

Ben Nikkerud

Ben Nikkerud

Grounds & Maintenance Manager

Alicia Nikkerud

Alicia Nikkerud

People & Culture Manager

Clinical Team

Longridge has grown and developed over the last 50+ years to ensure the facilities and skills we offer meet the needs of the community we serve.

Aged Care has changed significantly since Longridge started residential care in the 1970’s. Today our residents enter residential care only when living at home is no longer viable to meet their complex health and personal care needs.

Recognising these complex needs Longridge is staffed by a comprehensive team of Nursing staff, Cert. 3 Care staff and Allied Health support members.

The Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM) and Clinical Nurse (CN) liaises with all the Finance, Care and Resident service teams to collectively deliver the Longridge Aged Care package.

Longridge offers a team of skilled Registered and Enrolled Nurses working on site every day with On Call Registered Nurse support 24/7. This team ensures residents’ needs and health status is competently assessed and appropriate clinical support implemented promptly to optimise their health and comfort. The RN team constantly seeks further training and development to ensure their skills meet Best Practice guidelines.

We offer specialised Wound Care, TENs therapy, aural, oral and skin assessment and treatment, also clinical foot and nail care for our diabetic residents. Our Clinical team are also skilled in Mental and Psycho-social health. Our Palliative Care primary focus is on ‘living the best life you can’ for the last years of your life, but when the time comes, our staff are compassionate and skilled in relieving symptoms, maintaining comfort and supporting families through this challenging time. Palliative Care will be our continued development focus in 2023.

Collectively the RN & EN team work with Certificate 3 Carers to deliver high quality – often complex and challenging – care for residents.

All levels of the nursing & care team are committed to supporting residents throughout their ageing and palliative care so that they are able, if they wish, to remain at their home at Longridge to the end of their lives.

The RNs enjoy a sound and collaborative working relationship with the GPs at Kincraig Medical Clinic and the Naracoorte General Practice. This enables resident care to be safely managed at their home at Longridge. Our GP visits (even after hours) are conducted with an RN present to ensure the resident’s health issues are effectively communicated and promptly addressed. We have an extensive medication Imprest stock and work closely with our two local chemists to promptly address residents requirements.

Longridge enjoys the added support of the Physiotherapists from Good Country Physiotherapy ensuring residents mobility and pain management is optimised through individual exercise and massage programs.

Support Teams

The support teams are a vital component here at Longridge. We rely, not only, on their skills but with the care and love they all bring to Longridge. This is why the residents call our home, their home!

The team are on hand to run the daily routines and oversee the residents’ many needs. Whether that be assisting them around the grounds, meal times, personal grooming or helping them get the most from our regular activities, the support team are what makes Longridge residents smile.